Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Comic Strip 9 panel

This is my comic strip but I'm not very good at drawing people.
This is my colored/shaded scene of choice 1.
This is my bird coloring page assignment it is a robin.
This is my kaleidoscope project.
This is my Albrecht Durer assignment, I chose to do a cobra.
         This is my Edward Gorey assignment, I know the hands are not very good.
This is my Where's Sahil, I added all my favorite things to it.

This is my celebrity coloring book page, this is Kevin Durant my favorite basketball player.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simpson Masterpiece

This is my cartoon masterpiece, the hair reminds me of Albert Einstein. I chose the Simpsons because I find that cartoon funny.

Contour drawing

This is my cartoon yourself. I know it is not perfect. I chose these logos/symbols to show who I am.

The Scream

This was kind of a hard assignment for me because it was hard to make the bridge. I chose to put Godzilla in the background because who doesn't scream when Godzilla is right behind them.

Mona Lisa

This is what I like to call modern day Mona Lisa. I chose to this because I wanted to do something creative and different.