Tuesday, January 13, 2015

30 Day Challenge Part 1

 Day 1: Self Portrait
 Day 3: Something Green
Day 5: Worm's Eye View Day 4: Bird's Eye View

Day 17: Shoes

Day 28: Black & White
Day 29: Selfie

Sketchbook Pro Painting

Sketchbook Pro painting of choice

Andy Warho Digital Painting

This is my Andy Warhol inspired digital painting.

Georgia O'Keffee digital painting

This is my Georgia O'Keffee digital painting

Digital-Post Impressionist

This is my digital post impressionist image.

Digital-Post Impressionist Landscape

 This is my digital post impressionist landscape. It's a sunset.

New Logo

This is my new logo for art rage

Formal/Informal Balance

This is my formal/informal balance piece

Street Art

This is my street are piece in art rage.

Rhythm and Movement

This is my rhythm and movement art rage piece.

Rothko-Esque painting

This is my Rothko-esque art rage.

Celebrity-Animal Name

This is Larry Bird a basketball legend